Researchers demonstrate fast BiSb p-MTJ switching, to enable fast and low-power SOT-MRAM devices

Researchers from the Tokyo Institute of Technology have successfully demonstrated fast p-MTJ switching (1 ns, compared to current switching that is >10 ns). "The researchers achieved this using the topological insulator BiSb as the SOT layer, and say the device offers a current density about 20 times smaller than typical.

The researchers say that this technology can be applied to develop p-MTJs for SOT-MRAM that will offer ultrafast operations and ultra low power consumption, while also offering higher reliability. This follows earlier work by the same group on BiSb p-MTJs.

Posted: Sep 02,2023 by Ron Mertens


Nicolas DUJARRIER (not verified)

As possible, it would be much, much better to give hard numbers when talking about speed, power consumption, endurance (cycle life)… rather saying « fast », « low-power »,…

For example, it would be better to say that read energy per bit is 100 femtojoules/bit, and write energy per bit is 200 femtojoules/bit with 10E12 endurance… (the numbers are fictious…)

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