ISI introduces a new 3-Axis magnet option for its MRAM tester systems, targeting STT-MRAM and SOT-MRAM testing

Integral Solutions International (ISI) announced a new 3-Axis Magnet Option for wafer-level testing. Combined with ISI's WLA5000 Tester, the 3D magnetic fields produced by this system can be used for characterization of MRAM devices in addition to 2D/3D Magnetic Sensors.

ISI WLA5000 MRAM tester

ISI says that for MRAM applications, the 3D Magnetic fields produced by ISI’s 3-Axis Magnet Option delivers solutions for both STT-MRAM and SOT-MRAM applications.

For SOT-MRAM this system provides the flexibility of generating in-plane magnetic fields to assist the SOT write operation, while also providing high-strength perpendicular fields for traditional MRAM transfer curve measurements, all without having to swap magnets. ISI says that for magnetic-based memories including STT/SOT-MRAM this system provides a means for the characterization and qualification of stray field immunity in a 3D environment.

Posted: Mar 04,2022 by Ron Mertens