Samsung starts shipping 28nm embedded MRAM memory

Samsung announced that it has started to mass produce its first embedded MRAM, made using the company's 28nm FD-SOI process. Samsung says that its eMRAM memory module offers higher performance and endurance when compared to eFlash, and can be integrated into existing chips.

Samsung eMRAM image

Samsung details that its eMRAM is 1,000 times faster than its eFlash memory, and it does not require an erase cycle before writing data (unlike Flash memory). The voltage used is also lower - and in total eMRAM consumes 1/400 the energy compared to eFlash for the writing process. Samsung's MRAM capacity, though, is lower than its 3D Xpoint, DRAM and NAND flash.

Samsung did not disclose the capacity of its first eMRAM module and its first customer. As Samsung says that it will only tape out its 1Gb eMRAM in 2019, it means that this first eMRAM capacity is lower than 1Gb. Samsung also says that it plans to adopt its eMRAM for its 18nm process in the future too.

Posted: Mar 08,2019 by Ron Mertens