RAiTEK adopts Avalanche's space-grade MRAM for its satellite-based storage systems

pMTJ STT-MRAM developer Avalanche Technology announced that it is providing its Space Grade Persistent SRAM (P-SRAM) STT-MRAM products for satellite-based storage systems developed by RAiTEK. 

Avalanche Technology MRAM chips render

RAiTEK has designed in a 16Mb device from Avalanche's Gen 2 Space Grade family to monitor data stream status, and a 1Gb Gen 3 Space Grade to support large configuration images for the onboard FPGA used in the drives, as part of their growing portfolio of data storage and processing solutions for the space industry.


RAiTEK says it chose Avalanche's Space Grade P-SRAM because of its ability to offer maximum scalability and mission adaptability, critical to growing satellite network providers looking for common hardware platforms. 

In June 2023 Avalanche announced that it is providing its products for satellite power applications developed by Advanced Space Power Equipment. Earlier this year Avalanche announced that its Gen-3 Space Grade Dual QSPI solution is now available in pre-production.

Posted: Sep 12,2023 by Ron Mertens


Nicolas DUJARRIER (not verified)

European research center IMEC announced in end 2022 a VG-SOT-MRAM, with low latency (< 1ns), and 10E12 endurance…

I am wondering when we could hope either Avalanche technology and/or Everspin to commercialize a DRAM speed, at least 8Gbit to 64Gbit (VG-SOT)-MRAM chip, compatible with LPDDR6 protocol, manufactured on 300mm wafers ?

It would open so many new market opportunities…

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