Avalanche announces pre-production of its Gen-3 Space Grade Dual QSPI STT-MRAM solution for advanced SoCs and FPGAs

pMTJ STT-MRAM developer Avalanche Technology announced that its Gen-3 Space Grade Dual QSPI solution is now available in pre-production.

The devices are based on the company's latest generation STT-MRAM technology. Avalanche says that the new devices offer significant density, endurance, reliability, and power benefits, over existing memory solutions for aerospace and defense applications, particularly for easily configuring advanced SoCs and FPGAs, which are known to present complex design challenges.


Avalanche further says that its Gen 3 Space Grade Dual QSPI device family enables consolidation of historically complex partitioning to that of a singular device(s), capable of reliably configuring advanced FPGAs and SoCs with large image sizes and real time operating systems (RTOS), while also providing support as working memory.

Posted: Jan 10,2023 by Ron Mertens