NETSOL launches a stand-alone STT-MRAM product fabricated in Samsung Foundry’s 28nm FDSOI process

NETSOL released new 1Mb to 32Mb serial and 1Mb to 64Mb parallel STT-MRAM products through the Samsung Electronics Foundry.

NETSOL MRAM products are ideal for applications that need to store and retrieve data quickly and frequently due to STT-MRAM's virtually unlimited endurance and fast-write features. Ideal for code storage, data logging, backup and working memory in industrial devices/ equipment, it can replace NOR Flash, FeRAM, low-power SRAM and nvSRAM products, among others with unmatched performance and non-volatile features.

NETSOL STT-MRAM products provide fast read and write features without a delay in recording and storing data even when the system is powered off, and is cost-effective by enabling compact systems without the need for batteries or capacitors based on its non-volatile features.


STT-MRAM products are developed with low power-consuming features and the smallest chip size compared to competitors by using the smallest bitcell size and high yield attributed to the highly cost-effective Samsung Foundry 28nm FDSOI process. Also, it provides superior endurance, density, and cost-effectiveness over FeRAM, and superior endurance and convenience compared to NOR flash.

Currently, as verification for its superior quality and performance, NETSOL’s MRAM products have been offered as samples to more than 200 customers around the world and have many design -wins for industrial applications such as PLC, HMI, and test equipment, among others, where high reliability is required. .

NETSOL plans to use the Samsung Foundry 14nm FinFET process to increase memory density and performance, and provide optimal alternatives for applications, such as IoT, Edge-AIoT, industrial, wearable, medical, consumer and automotive applications.

CTO Noh Yong-hwan said, "NETSOL is delivering a memory solution that integrates both Flash and RAM products into one for the global niche memory semiconductor market with $USD 4 billion constituting NOR Flash, FeRAM, PSRAM and low-power SRAM products, delivering better customer convenience and cost-effectiveness. Most customers have a preconceived notion that MRAM is a highly expensive memory solution to use despite having many advantages, such as high endurance, long retention time, and high reliability. We will strive to supply our MRAM products at cost-effective prices over our competitors, allowing more customers to use it.“

NETSOL is a fabless company founded in 2010, specializing in memory IC design and marketing to provide memory solutions to more than 400 companies worldwide. With world-class development capabilities, the company provides standard and customized memory solutions for a wide range of applications. Based on its expertise in designing cost-effective, ultra-small, and low-power-consuming memory solutions, it provides customized memory solutions optimized for various applications in various fields, such as fields industrial automation, network system, medical, gaming, enterprise data center and IoT devices.

NETSOL has begun to secure a strong foothold as an MRAM supplier in the Asian market, and plans to penetrate the U.S. and European markets. It is constantly seeking businesses to partner with in the MRAM business in U.S. and European markets. For those interested, please don’t hesitate to contact NETSOL at

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Posted: Aug 30,2023 by Ron Mertens