Hprobe logoHprove was established in March 2017 as a spin-off from SPINTEC, with an aim to develop and produce wafer-level testing equipment for magnetic devices. The company developed a unique patented technology of multidimensional magnetic field generator for STT-MRAM and TMR sensors wafer level characterization and testing.

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SK Hynix Semiconductor is a global memory supplier producing a range of DRAM and flash memory chips. Hynix has an active MRAM research program, in collaboration with Grandis, Samsung and Toshiba.

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IBM is one of the largest technology companies in the world, involved in hardware, software, services and research. IBM has produced more research breakthroughs than any other company in the IT industry.

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Imec is a Belgium-based nanoelectronics research institute with over 2,000 employees and R&D teams in Belgium, Holland, china, Taiwan and India.

One of Imec's research programs is focused on emerging memory technologies. Imec performs STT-MRAM research in collaboration with Tokyo Electron and Canon and have a complete 300-mm STT-MRAM dedicated processing capability.

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Infineon logoInfineon designs, develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of semiconductors and complete system solutions targeted at selected industries.

Infineon develops MRAM technologies in collaboration with IBM.

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Integral Solutions Int’l (ISI)

ISI logoIntegral Solutions Int, (ISI) is a privately held US-based company that supplies Quasi Static Testers for characterizing Magneto-Resistive type heads.

ISI's product suite includes QST testers for every stage of manufacturing. ISI says that about 85% of the entire head production for the HDD industry is being tested on ISI's equipment.

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Intel is the world largest chip maker, and also manufactures networking, memory and communications products.

Intel is researching several next-generation memory technologies including MRAM memory, although it currently seems focused on its 3D XPoint memory.

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Leuven Instruments

Leuven Instruments logoJiangsu Leuven Instruments was established in 2017 by Leuven Instruments of Belgium and the Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The company develops and produces semiconductor etching equipment and process development equipment, especially for magnetic material etching technology.

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Magnetic Solutions

Magnetic Solutions (MSL) was a global supplier of high field magnetic annealing tools to the semiconductor and data storage industries.

The company's (Magnetic Annealing Tool Technology (MRT) is used in volume production of thin film heads for data storage, and in development lines for MRAM, magnetic sensors and emerging magneto-electronic applications.

In November 2012, MSL was acquired by Tokyo Electron.

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MagOasis logoMagOasis, founded in 2006, provides design/analysis software applications and services for the information-storage and allied industries covering magnetic recoding heads, MRAM, Magnetic nanostructures devices, graphene, sensors and more.

MagOasis' MRAM-related software, Spin-Valve Bench (SVB), is a micromagnetic software for the design and analysis of advanced multi-layer spintronic devices. These include modern MRAM cells for non-volatile microelectronic applications, nanowires and magnetoresistive read-head sensors for ultra-high density recording applications.

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Founded in 2004, MagSil Corporation developed MRAM technology using industry-proven equipment, processes and materials. MagSil had an exclusive license to an MIT-developed technologies, including one for HD heads (the company filed suits against Seagate, Hitachi, Western Digital and others, and have settled with most).

In August 2010 Magsil came out of "stealth mode", giving more info about ther technology and patents. They plan to make a 1Mb MRAM chip in 2010. The company does not seem to be in business any more.

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Micromem (OTCMKTS:MMTIF) develops magnetic-based sensors, based on spintronics technologies.

The company used to develop MRAM devices, but it seems that it is now entirely focused on its sensors business.

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MicroSense (previously known as ADE Technologies) designs precision capacitive position sensors and vibrating sample magnetometers for magnetic measurement.

For the MRAM market, MicoSense offers the Polar Kerr System which provides 300-mm non-contact magnetic property metrology system for perpendicular MRAM. The system utilizes the polar Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect (MOKE) to characterize the magnetic properties of multi-layer wafers used in the development and manufacturing of perpendicular MRAM.

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Mountain Scientifics

Mountain Scientifics Inc (MSI), established in 1998, provided wafer level testing solutions for MRAM, magnetic sensors and magnetic head wafers.

The company's QSW-Gen3 (initially released in 1999) product was a Quasi-Static Wafer tester product for STT-MRAM and HDD devices.

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MRAM-Info, launched in 2004 and based in Israel, is a knowledge hub and web publication focused on MRAM technologies.

MRAM-Info provides news, resources and services to the MRAM industry and is considered to be the leading MRAM publication.

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Northern lights

Northern Lights Semiconductor Corporation was established in 2003 in the US to design and manufacture high-density EMRAM (ElectroMagnetoresistive RAM) chips.

NLSC developed a family of parallel and serial standalone EMRAM devices and reported on customers in a variety of industries and markets including computer, computer peripheral, communication, consumer and industrial markets. The company did not post any update since 2005 and it is not clear if it is still in business.

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Numem logoNumem (previously NVMEngines) is a US-based early stage company that develops high-performance, low-power embedded STT-MRAM IP cores for the IoT, micro-controller and automotive markets. Numem says its memory enables a 2-3x smaller memory area and 20x to 50x lower standby power compared to SRAM.

The company also develops design automation tools to optimize Power/Performance/Area (applicable for MRAM and ReRAM technologies). 

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Power Spin

Power Spin was established in 2018 as a spin-off from Tohoku University, with an aim of commercializing its spintronics and MRAM technologies. 

Power Spin is offering several services, including design services for STT-MRAM and IoT devices and AI chips based on spintronics and CMOS hybrid technology, MRAM prototyping services, IP licensing, and consultations.

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